Lori L Fine Art is honored to offer amazing and unique art from local and world acclaimed masters. The Gallery provides a clean, friendly, and warm space, staffed with knowledgeable and hospitable Art Advisors who care genuinely about one another, the artists they purvey, and the patrons they serve. 

The artwork on offer is from artists working in mediums both traditional and unique. The art itself is contemporary, yet relatable, and embodies an amazing depth while maintaining its strong roots, and aesthetic sensibilities. 

The patrons of Lori L Fine Art Gallery range from professional designers, looking for those perfect touches for their clients’ homes and offices, to corporate spaces wanting something more than the typical, store-bought ‘art in a box’, to first time art buyers, to serious art collectors, and to all those who find themselves somewhere in-between that spectrum. 


Our Story

Lori L Fine Art Gallery was founded by San Diego Artist Lori L Wylie-Richardson and her husband David. Lori's work is featured at some of the world's most acclaimed galleries. Her popularity has grown with her unique, illusion filled three dimensional work on metal. The powerful yet calming effects of this work highlights homes and commercial spaces and attracts collectors from around the globe.

As residents of San Diego, Lori and David were exploring the areas near their home for a venue to feature Lori's unique, three-dimensional work. After discovering The Headquarters at Seaport Village, a historic venue that includes a beautiful courtyard to host events, and houses upscale restaurants and shops, Lori and David began planning this revolutionary gallery.  

Including long time world acclaimed Artist friends Dario Campanile and Red Wolf provided the foundation. Adding popular San Diego artists Michael Summers, John McDavid, Alexandra Hart and Kevin Baker delivers amazing diversity in the Fine Art offerings. The inclusion of Gems, Geodes, and Jewelry from the Ocean View Mine just north of San Diego completes the Gallery selection.

David & Lori

David & Lori Richardson